The green thread for weaving Chameran was the name originally given to our Quartier 21 project in Chameran-Lebeau. Premonition or blow of fate, sewing became a central theme of a group of residents mobilized neighborhood. Following the success of a first test during the winter of 2017, VertCité has developed the concept and offers the Ateliers Phénix. The Phénix Workshops aim to revive fabrics and other materials intended for the burial of the industrial sector of Saint-Laurent to make them the raw materials of a project of solidarity economy, circular and sharing. In addition to upgrading these precious materials, this project will promote the empowerment, care and employability of the Laurentian population. The Phénix Workshops will take off during the month of September. If you wish to participate or get involved, write to us at .

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