Active Transportation

With a view to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, VertCité strives to implement projects aimed at reducing solo automobile use and promoting active transportation.

Active transportation refers to all forms of transport powered by human force, notably walking and cycling. In addition to reducing one’s ecological footprint, adopting active transportation provides many health benefits. We are pleased to support any project that promotes active transportation.

Since 2018, VertCité has been running the Cycliste averti program in various Saint-Laurent and Pierrefonds-Roxboro schools. Developed by Vélo Québec, this program teaches elementary students in grades 5 and 6 to bike in a safe and independent manner.

The program combines theoretical and practical lessons that allow students to cycle safely on the road.

Contact us for information on implementing this program in your school.

The walking school bus (pédibus in French) is a form of transportation where a group of children accompanied by one or more adults walk on a fixed route to school, making stops along the way to allow other child walkers to join them.

VertCité can help you organize a walking bus for your children’s school.

Every year, VertCité takes part in Park(ing) Day, an annual international event during which parking spaces are converted into living citizen spaces. The objective is to instigate a critical debate on the sharing of public space and the space allocated to active transportation, green spaces and public places.