Phénix Workshops

The Phénix workshops have been a resounding success since their creation in 2017. This project aims to create a network of circular economy, solidarity and sharing. From recovering and transforming residual materials from Saint-Laurent companies to commercializing creations, the Phénix workshops contribute to the empowerment of marginalized populations in a creative environment that promotes “doing it yourself.”

This project focusses on three areas: collecting residual materials, managing transformation workshops and managing product distribution points (online, in public markets and in the eco-boutique of the Saint-Laurent Éco-quartier). Nothing will be lost, nothing will be created, but everything will be transformed!

This project allows participants to learn sewing basics, develop their creativity and cultivate entrepreneurial spirit while reducing their ecological footprint.

Workshops take place on Mondays and Thursdays at the Centre des loisirs Saint-Laurent in room 205. And they are completely free!

If this project appeals to you, join us! Contact Céline, Phénix workshops project manager, to register: