Whether you require assistance with a project or wish to learn more about the environment, the Éco-quartier Saint-Laurent offers a wide variety of workshops and projects on the following subjects: biodiversity, active transportation, energy and water consumption, urban agriculture, greening, waste management, sustainable development, and cleanup activities. These services are offered to individuals, institutions, businesses and industries in Saint-Laurent.

Through its support and consultation service, VertCité provides environmental education to Saint-Laurent residents, businesses, institutions and industries. We believe that events must be paired with concrete actions to raise awareness. We hope that our projects result in real and lasting environmental change.

Projects are grouped into the following key areas: eco-citizenship, climate change, biodiversity, water, waste management, active transportation, greening, and green committees.

Most of our projects are modular and adapted to different target audiences (children in daycare, preschool and primary school students, teenagers, adults, seniors). Contact us for more information on our support service.


Our Objectives

Our service aims to help implement small or large environmental projects.

Our main objective is to empower, develop a sense of initiative and raise public awareness about certain environmental issues.

Our support service aims to:

  • Promote eco-citizenship through environmental education
  • Help communities bring about sustainable structural change
  • Empower people in charge to become multiplying agents


Educational Projects

All our projects have been designed to meet the skills, learning and knowledge required by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in the Quebec Education Program.

If you have ideas that are off the beaten path, don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can work together and answer all your questions.

The Éco-quartier Saint-Laurent organizes several cleanups every year. It also lends equipment if you wish to organize a cleanup event with friends or neighbours!

Tools such as rakes, shovels and brooms are available at the Éco-quartier. Contact us if you are a resident, institution, business or industry in Saint-Laurent.

To receive bags, gloves and t-shirts, you must register on the City of Montréal website.

Useful links (in French only):

VertCité offers a range of quality household, body and food products that are local, fair trade and environmentally friendly. For more details, visit Eco-Boutiques.

Subsidized Products

A number of our products are subsidized by the borough. For more information, visit the Subsidized Products page.

We are open five days a week to answer all your questions on the environment. Whether your interest lies in urban agriculture, waste management, biodiversity or any other related topic, don’t hesitate to come and see us for advice. For opening hours, visit Service Points